• How do I become a model?

    • You will need to send in 3 pictures of yourself. 1 face, 1 side view and 1 full length to our WhatsApp. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for a casting session.

    • Do I need to pay to Join?
      No, if you have professional pictures and composite cards or attended a modelling course before. You are welcome to join us with no fee. We are non-exclusive so you are able to do other jobs. Once you are accepted by the agency, we will recommend you to our clients for jobs that are suitable for you so long as you are pleasant looking. We do keep talents for TV commercials which require all ages from Kids to Mature roles. We accept all heights of models and those with tattoos and no discrimination.

    • What are the opportunities?
      There is demand for shoots, TV commercials, event models, product launch and fashion and hair shows. You can also be an emcee or do live streaming and acting opportunities. Most clients will need you to have a composite card.

    • Why should I take up Courses?
      Unless you are an experienced model, we encourage you to be trained professionally. You’ll be trained to be proficient in the following areas; catwalks, posing and walking on the runway, photo shoots, makeup skills, personal development, interpersonal communication with your clients. With the Social media trend right now, you also learn how to be a social media Influencer. We will shape you into a professional model, making you ready for your modelling career journey!

    • Why Should I train with MC Models?
      At MC Models, our comprehensive training covers catwalk techniques, posing, runway walking, photo shoots, makeup skills, personal development, and effective client communication. You’ll be trained by our veteran Master Coach, Marc, who boasts 25 years of industry experience. Upon completing our training, you’ll gain access to multiple modelling agencies, expediting your career launch. Our intensive training approach is designed to mould you into a talented model or influencer, well-prepared for success.
      As soon as you complete the training you will also be exposed to several production houses that would help get you started in your career. We use the shortest time to train you in the fastest way to make you into a talent, model or influencer as a supermodel.

    • How do I create a modelling portfolio or composite card (comp card)?
      Choose 4-6 high-quality images that showcase different aspects of your modelling skills and range. Include a mix of headshots, full-body shots, and various poses to demonstrate your flexibility.
      Include your height, measurements (bust, waist, hips), hair colour, eye colour, and shoe size. These details provide potential clients with essential information.

      Showcase different looks, styles, and moods to highlight your versatility as a model. Include images that convey different emotions, characters, and expressions.

      Update Regularly: As your portfolio evolves, update your comp card with new images and information. Keep it current to reflect your growth and experience as a model.

      Remember, your comp card is a visual representation of your modelling abilities and potential. It should be professional, well-designed, and accurately reflect your strengths as a model. Investing time and effort into creating an impressive comp card can greatly enhance your chances of catching the attention of industry professionals.

      Am I ready to kickstart my modelling career?
      This holds especially true if you’re choosing the freelance path rather than working exclusively with an agency.
      Do you feel prepared to start your modelling career?
      If you want to become a model, you need a lot of patience and determination. Starting a modelling career requires dedication and perseverance. Modelling opportunities won’t simply come knocking, you’ll need to actively pursue them. You need to work for them, especially if you decide to go the freelance route rather than working exclusively with an agency.

    • Disclaimer: Enrolling in our courses does not guarantee project or job placements. Selections are based on your performance and our client’s final decisions. Your dedication and hard work play a significant role in your success.