Our Founder

The Model Guru 

Marc, A highly self-motivated young entrepreneur, who inspires the young generations to turn their passion into entrepreneurship.

Undoubtedly a major force behind the tremendous success of the MCModels with his absolute passion for his business. Marc is constantly on the lookout for new partnerships, innovations, and creative, out-of-the-box ideas that is reflected by the strong branding of his agency in the market as a trend-setting leader. As one of the most outstanding industry’s modern pioneers in Singapore, and one of it’s leading entrepreneurs, Marc’s wide network of industry connections ranges from Beauty & Spa, Wine, Clubs & Bars, to Fashion & Media, just to name a few.

Model turned celebrity and entrepreneur, Marc is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Singapore. His modeling agency, MCModels is one of Singapore’s top modeling agencies; having nurtured over 1,000 aspiring models, he now directs his own shows while holding a prestigious title of being a National Director of Supermodel International Singapore. With such a prolific career, he must be everyone’s favorite role “model”.

He is a multi-talented artiste whose career started off by being a model and later, a model trainer where he is also a competent public speaker and leader with the Toastmaster Club International. Marc then started a full-time modeling agency about 20 years ago which now focuses on grooming aspiring models as well as event-brandings which include being the main organizer & host of Supermodel International 2018 and 2019 and also the National Director for World Beauty Queen 2019, Ms. Toursim Culture Universe 19  & Ms. Tourism Global.
Marc also coaches many Titleholders and models around the world. Today he continues to aspire and inspire many young individuals around the world especially in Singapore.
Today , Marc continues to groom and coach many talent and models and moving on to ” green screen ” production for the demand of production. 


1994 – Mr. Teenage, Mr. Teenage Singapore, Mr. Popularity.

Started his modelling career at age 14

1995 – Teens Model Search, Mr. Photogenic, Winner Konica Quest

1st Model for Versace & International

1st Singapore model shot by photographer, Leslie Kee

1996 – Represented Singapore for Asia Model Search & Carrie models & Elite models

1997 – Contracted artiste with Mediacorp, Known as TCS Then. lead roles in drama and variety

1998 – Acted in HK movie in Singapore and produced a DVD Movie with Marcus chin.

1999 – Established Marchow Models while serving’ national services. 

2000 – Chez Models , is established with back then  a makeover studio  inside a  Hair salon Chezvou

2001 – One of Cleo Eligible Bachelors, Interviewed By at New Paper as young entrepreneur  

2002 –  Established M.C.Models Management with its own Photography studio and a catwalk classroom.

2003 –Official model agency & Photography for “Ford SuperModel™ of the world joint venture.

2004 –Joined and appointed Vice President of PR for Lion City Toastmaster club located at The Pines while furthering studies and completing a driving licence due to SARS.

2005 – Organised his own contest, Hottest Babe and Associate Fashion Editor for FHM and other magazines . 

2006 –  Appointed Head of T-Talents at Thumper, Nominated Spirit of Enterprise

2007 –  Venture into Spa & beauty Business and attained as  President of Toastmasters club.

2008 – MCModels International Integrated into Spa, hair Salon and manicure services. At The Centerpoint 

2010 – WSQ certified for customer services, Venture into TCM, E-commerce, and ID.

2015 – Artiste coordinator for Sing50, at the  National stadium  & compile CD of all songs played during NDP

2016 – Google Adword and Facebook certified, and Knowledge of SEO and SEM,  blogger for Style By Style

2017-  Attained Sale leadership from Kaplan and Online marketing from Harvard, Enter into blockchain and assist in marketing, copy and design of book, NEW assets.As an Investor and marketing

2018 – National Director for Supermodels international Singapore and MC Models Global is established

2019 – Appointed National Director for World beauty Queen, Ms Tourism Culture Universe and Ms Tourism Global  and trainer winner On Q & A and all aspects.

2020 – Completed CBT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Agile Coach, Scrum Master with Nhub and acted as a mentor to other businesses and organisations. Trademark and registered, Supermodel Singapore. 

2023 – Awarded Singapore Top model Agency, 2020 to 2023