To discover and amplify your product’s “Boom” factor.
We believe in building trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have a dedicated and experienced team of event planners who believe in our clients, to assist in the coordination and planning of each event. From vendor management to day-of coordination, our event planners will work with you to ensure your event unfolds without a glitch. Let us handle all the coordination and background work while you enjoy your special day. The journey to promote your brand will be a breeze with us.

Corporate Services

Event Planning & Consultanting

Organizing events for company functions, wedding, or product launches. supplying of talents such as makeup and hair stylist , photographer, and video, coordinator, and planner
Show Production
Overall concept and production with rehearsal, stage planning, and music, light and choreography with models.
Supply of Models & Talents
Supply of models and talents for your branding and product launches, Advertisements for print or TV commercial.
Social Media  Ambassadors
We provide influencers and marketing solutions for corporate clients. In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, consumers are constantly online and craving content. Social media marketing (SMM) lets businesses create relationships with a substantial number of existing customers and reach potential ones by working with content creators – a goal that can only achieve via switching from offline to online marketing. 

Personal Services

Modelling Course
An Intensive Modelling course, that will enable you to experience modeling in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Enhance your personal image and confidence!

We use the shortest time to train individuals to be able to enter into the industry and applied the skills even in their daily life. 


Fashion Parades/ Catwalk techniques on stage; catwalk in bikini, dress, fashion & deportment. 

Posing & Posture

Creating beautiful poses is a skill you have to develop. 

Posture is the position in which you hold your body while standing, sitting or lying down. Trains on how to have good posture and positioning.


Wardrobe tricks; how to dress for your body shape to enhance your best features, how to piece and accessorize different outfits, how to dress on a budget. Fashion styling on what suits you and what does not.



Tips on how to make a lasting impression on the client, to ensure a great outcome for every casting- mentor to build your confidence and self-esteem to be a better confident individual.


Assessment and guidance on your skincare routine – product to use, guidance to to improve your overall skin health (Eg: water intake)


Assessment of your lifestyle, guidance for your diet (what to eat and drink daily, the amount of food intake and alcohol) and lifestyle (lose/gain weight or to gain muscles).

Social Media influencer

Mentoring to excel in the social media industry – learn to market yourself better on your socials to gain followers, tips and tricks to gain followers. 

As a model is important to have a micro influencer status 

Live Streaming

As an influencer, marketing is important as it connects you with fans so you can share insights with them, one of the ways is through live streaming.

Coaching you to develop marketing and social skills for live streaming to engage your audiences better. 

Personal Stylist
Need of a style refresh or simply lack of time to shop? As a certified model coach and fashion stylist, my work also includes shopping for my client. I will evaluate your body type and analysis your skin tone to select the best colour and designs that suit your requirements for different occasions.