McModels is a one stop shop for everything related to your business. We have a dedicated and experienced team of event planners who are trained to assist in the coordination and planning of each event. From vendor management to day-of coordination, our event planners will work with you to ensure your event unfolds without a glitch. Let us handle all the coordination and background work while you enjoy your special day. The journey to promote your brand will be a breeze with us.

We are a team of experts who provides quality services for events such as fashion shows and conferences. Out team of dedicated and experienced event planners and project managers will assist in the coordination and planning of each event. We believe in building trust and long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Corporate Services

Event Planning & Consultation

Organizing events for company functions, projects, or product launches, Supplying of models & talents such as makeup and hair stylist, photographer, and videography with producer and coordinator, and planner.

Show Production
Overall concept and production with rehearsals, stage planning, and music, light and choreography with Producer.
Supply of Models & Talents
Supply of models, talents, influencers and brand ambassadors for your branding and product launches or Advertisements for print, TV commercial, Photoshoots, Social Media Marketing and Fashion shows.

Social Media Marketing
We provide influencers and marketing solutions for corporate clients. In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, consumers are constantly online and craving content. Social media marketing (SMM) lets businesses create relationships with a substantial number of existing customers and reach potential ones by working with content creators – a goal that can only achieve via switching from offline to online marketing. 

Personal Services

Modelling Course

Do you have an interest in modeling? Do you expressed an interest in the industry? Do you want to know more about how Mcmodels can guide you on the path to success and beyond? You can learn all of this at our modelling lesson – A course which will help guide you and our models into the direction we want them to go.

An Intensive Modelling course, that will enable you to experience modeling in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Enhance your personal image and confidence!

We use the shortest time to train individuals to be able to enter into the industry and applied the skills even in their daily life. 


Fashion Parades/ Catwalk techniques on stage; catwalk in bikini, dress, fashion & deportment. Walking with other models, props. Walking- Catwalking      Turning – Choreography on art of positioning yourself and being able to make mental notes and follow the director’s instructions.

Posing & Posture

Creating beautiful poses is a skill you have to develop. 

spending time studying other models, practising poses, and understanding your best angels.

Posture is the position in which you hold your body while standing, sitting or lying down. Trains on how to have good posture and positioning.


Wardrobe tricks; how to dress for your body shape to enhance your best features, how to piece and accessorize different outfits, and how to dress on a budget. Fashion styling on what suits you and what does not.

Public Speaking

Tips on how to make a lasting impression on the client, to ensure a great outcome for every casting- mentor to build your confidence and self-esteem to be a better confident individual. You may apply these skills at work or in school as the keynote speaker, trained By award-winning Toastmaster

Beautycare  & Grooming 

Assessment and guidance on your skincare routine – product to use, guidance to to improve your overall skin  and hair advice. Your lifestyle plays a part  in your appearance 

Creating Your Portfolio & Comcard 

Selections of your pictures of Variety, Including a Face shot , some poses in different outfits both indoor or outdoor and Include your Name , Height, Sizes, Vitat only displays your best work.

Social media content creator on Facebook, Instagram or even tiktok

We are trained to provide digital marketing on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and tiktok with good eyeballs and impressions from our influencers/KOL to your business

Each Influencer needs at least 1k followers

Taking pictures on your own ad post on stories